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Brookfield Sports Complex is no longer using the DASH platform and has switched to using BondSports. All league participants will need to create a player profile, sign the medical waiver and pay the membership fee to participate in leagues.  

In order to create your Bond Sports Account and sign the Brookfield General Waiver, please follow the instructions below. If you need help, please email: support@bondsports.co


Create Individual Account:

1 - Go to https://bondsports.co/user

2 - Enter your Name, Email, and Password

3 - Enter your Gender, Date of Birth and Address. 

4 - Open the General Waiver for Brookfield by clicking HERE, login with your email and password, then sign the waiver for yourself.

5 - Add any family members and sign the waiver for each of them.

Video of Steps 4 & 5: https://www.loom.com/share/b3397ebc9a76442380300b0a26563b5d

2022 / 2023 Indoor Season Days of Play                              Session 1 Dates 

Registration Now Open

Adult Coed Monday                                                            Monday Leagues - October 31st - December 19th
Men's Over 48 Tuesday                                                       Tuesday Leagues - November 8th - December 27th
Women's Open Tuesday                                                      Wednesday Leagues - November 9th - December 28th
Adult Coed Wednesday                                                       Thursday Leagues - November 3rd - December 29th
Men's Over 30 Wednesday                                                  Sunday Leagues - October 30th - December 18th
Men's Over 40 Thursday 
Adult Coed Thursday                                                          Session 2 Dates
Men's Open Sunday, Tuesday                                             Monday Leagues - January 2nd - February 27th
Women's 30 - Sunday                                                         Tuesday Leagues - January 3rd - February 28th
                                                                                          Wednesday Leagues - January 4th - March 1st
All Sessions - 8 games                                                        Thursday Leagues - January 5th - March 2nd
Team Fee - $975                                                                 Sunday Leagues - January 8th - March 5th

                                                                                          Session 3 Dates
                                                                                          Monday Leagues - March 6th - April 24th
                                                                                          Tuesday Leagues - March 7th - April 25th
                                                                                          Wednesday Leagues - March 8th - April 26th
                                                                                          Thursday Leagues - March 9th - April 27th
                                                                                          Sunday Leagues - March 12th - May 7th