Adult Indoor Soccer Leagues 2020 / 2021

Age Brackets / Days of Play

  • Men's Open (Sunday, Tuesday)

  • Men's 30 (Wednesday)

  • Men's 40 (Thursday)

  • Men's 48 (Tuesday)

  • Adult Coed (Monday)

  • Adult Coed (Wednesday)

  • Adult Coed (Thursday)

  • Women's 30 (Sunday)

Rules Overview

  • All players must have a DASH profile membership to participate in any league game

  • Games consist of 2 x 25-minute halves

  • Men's and Women's leagues have 5 field player plus a goalkeeper

  • Coed leagues are required to have a minimum of 2 females on the field at all times

  • Shinguards are required to be worn by all players

  • Sliding is not allowed

  • Men's 30 is allowed to have 2 rostered players 28 years old 

  • Men's 40 is allowed to have 2 rostered players 37 years old

  • Men's 48 is not allowed to have any players under the age of 48

Players are required to wear masks during games

Brookfield Sports Complex reserves the right to combine age brackets and alter days of play.

  • A player MEMBERSHIP will now take the place of player cards

  • Referees will take attendance at each game

    • Attendance based on up-to-date printed rosters 

    • Rosters will show valid/in-valid MEMBERSHIPS

    • Red Cards will be noted on rosters along with player eligibility

  • A player is ineligible if they have not purchased an Annual MEMBERSHIP

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