Registration Process

HELP! Guide for using DASH®


Brookfield Sports Complex uses the DASH® Platform, which is the leading online software in the indoor sports arena.  Some of you may be familiar with this platform, as other local sports complexes utilize the system as well.  Those that are new to DASH® may find this guide useful, as a tool to answer commonly asked questions and assist you in signing up for classes or leagues. 


Lastly, all participants in Leagues or Classes at Brookfield Indoor will be required to create a DASH® Personal Profile.  On our website,, you will easily find links to the Brookfield Indoor Sports Complex DASH® Platform.  


Your Personal Profile will allow you to create a team (serve as your team’s manager), join a team (manager will then add you to the team), and/or register for classes (you can easily see & join all of our new class and fitness offerings).  Your Personal Profile will now take place of player cards that we have been using in the previous years.  Referees will now have team rosters for every league game that will indicate players age and eligibility to play (i.e. Red Card Suspension).



The DASH® Platform provides customers with the ability to easily access real-time data online including: customer ability to see all field bookings and availability, text reminders on game days, notifications if a game is to be rescheduled, customer ability to book open field time via the online calendar, immediate updates for game results/league standings, special offers and discounts at our Café/Bar, and simple, secure online payment for all classes and leagues.  There are many more benefits which will be unveiled as we dive into the busy season and all sport participants become familiar with their online DASH® Personal Profile and optimization.


Here are some helpful hints/steps to getting started, and some answers to FAQ’s as well.


How do I create a (Midwest Orthopedic Sports Complex) DASH® personal profile/account? How do I sign-up for classes or leagues?

You will need to create a player profile/account in DASH® associated with Midwest Orthopedic Sports Complex. You will find links on our home page and throughout our site at (  Here is the URL….

After registering, you will have the ability to browse all the classes and leagues that are offered at our facility.  This is also where you can choose to sign-up for specific classes or leagues (dates and times are shown too).


How do I create a team/sign-up my team to play in a league?

You will need to create a DASH® Personal Profile and make yourself the team manager on DASH®.  The following series of steps will thoroughly guide you through the team registration process:


1.            Got to


Be sure to create your personal profile/account and add any family members if needed/desired.


2.            Click Register at the top of the page and choose yourself if you are registering a team.


3.            Select the program you wish to register for (i.e. Adult Leagues, Youth Leagues).


4.            Click register a team.


5..           Click yes if you will be managing the team. This will make you the primary contact for the team.


6.            Choose the available season/session that is open for registration.


7.            Choose which division of competition or league you would like to play in.


8.            Create your team name and make the required team deposit. Team is now created.


Next, How to add players/teammates to your team’s roster?


1.            Log into your DASH Profile.  Each of your teammates will have their own profiles too… (you will see below)


2.            You will see a list of teams that you are a part of (located just underneath your name).


3.            Click on the team (the team you created) you wish to invite players to.


4.            Click on the *Team Tab* next to “Schedule” and “Standings”


5.            Select *INVITE*. Enter all the email addresses of your players and click send.  This will notify your teammates to create their own DASH® Personal Profile/Accounts if they have not already done so.

6.            Players will need to accept the invite and create a DASH profile. Once complete they will be added to the roster.



Now, you and your teammates are all registered for the session/league that the team manager has chosen.  It is the team managers responsibility to obtain payment from their team players if they would not like to pay for the league fee solely.


Please take time to navigate your DASH® Personal Profile/Account and remember that this will also serve in-lieu of the player card.  Referees will use team rosters as their game cards for recording score and/or ejections.


I hope that this document helps alleviate any doubts/questions when registering and setting up your DASH® Personal Profile.  You will soon be very accustomed to DASH® , as it is very user friendly and functional when used to its full potential.  We will always send out email notifications and regularly update our Website and DASH® Platform with upcoming events, new programs, discounts/deals/specials, and any pertinent information with regards to our leagues; thank you for your continued support of our facility!