Brookfield Sports Complex is no longer using the DASH platform and has switched to using BondSports. All league participants will need to create a player profile, sign the medical waiver and pay the membership fee to participate in leagues.  

In order to create your Bond Sports Account and sign the Brookfield General Waiver, please follow the instructions below. If you need help, please email:

*In Order to Register for Leagues/Classes, You Must First Create a Bond Account & Sign a Waiver*

(please click on each link in the instructions below)

Creating Your BOND Sports Account


     Create a BOND Sports Account

First Create An Account...

1 - Go to

2 - Enter your Name, Email, and Password

3 - Enter your Gender, Date of Birth and Address. 

Then You Must Sign a Waiver...

4 - Open the General Waiver for Brookfield by clicking HERE, login with your email and password, then sign the waiver for yourself.

5 - Add any family members and sign the waiver for each of them.

Video of Steps 4 & 5:

     How to Obtain "Membership"


1. Create Account & Sign Waiver if you have not already done so (see steps above)

2. Click On Any Linked Button that says "Membership"

Additional Instructions & FAQS for BOND Sports

     How to Register and Pay for a Team in a League


Create Account:

1 - Open the General Waiver for your Facility. CLICK HERE

2 - Signup by entering your Name, Email, and Password.

3 - Enter your Gender, Date of Birth and Address.

4 - Sign the waiver for yourself by selecting your name, then filling out any required information.

5 - Add any family members by selecting the “Add a Family Member” button. For each family member, enter their gender and birthday and then sign the waiver for each of them.

Video of this process HERE

     How to Invite Players to Your Team


1 - Log in to Bond
2 - Select "My Profile"
3 - Select "My Teams"
4 - Choose the team the customer would like to add players to
5 - Fill out the information for each player then press "Add"

A video of this process is below!

NOTE:  After players are invited to team, they will show-up under your roster only after they have clicked on the invitation and have created a BOND account and Signed a Waiver (all players will need a BOND account... instructions/links for creating a BOND account and signing a waiver are found at the top of this page).

     As we get more questions from customers, more instructions will be added to this page!