Brookfield Sports Complex reserves the right to combine age brackets and alter days of play.

In Order to Register for Leagues, You Must First Create a Bond Account & Sign a Waiver 

-After Creating an Account and Signing a Waiver; All Links to Leagues/Classes on this Website then become Accessible-

Brookfield Sports Complex is no longer using the DASH platform and has switched to using BondSports. All league participants will need to create a player profile, sign the medical waiver and pay the membership fee to participate in leagues.  

Annual Player Membership
Reminder:  All players age U9-Adult must obtain their annual membership to participate in league play.  Referees have team rosters which lists the players that have obtained their annual membership.  You can click on the link/button to get this membership when signed-in under your BOND account.  There are a number of new teams this year that are not familiar with this process, thus we have given teams additional time to get their rosters finalized and annual player memberships for the season.

2022 - 2023 Indoor Recreation Dates
Session 2 : January 7th - March 5th (8 game session)
Session 3 : March 11th - April 16th (6 game session)

Age Brackets Offered
U6 - U7 - U8 - U9/U10 - U11/12 - U13/14 - U15 - Coed High School
U7G/U8G - U9G/U10G - U11/12G - U13/14G 

U6 - U7 Small Sided (No Referee)         U8 Small Sided (With Referee)
 * Session 2 $525 Team Fee                          * Session 2 $645 Team Fee
 * Session 3 $400 Team Fee                          * Session 3 $500 Team Fee
 * Games played Saturday / Sunday             * Games played Saturday / Sunday
 U9 - Coed High School 


   * Session 2 $975 Team Fee
   * Session 3 $755 Team Fee 
   * Games played Sat. / Sun.

2022 - 2023 Indoor Select Dates

    Session 2 : January 7th - March 5th (8 game session)
  Session 3 : March 11th - April 16th (6 game session)

    Age Brackets Offered
    Girls High School - Boy's High School - Girl's High School

    Boy's High School - Friday, overflow Sunday
    Girl's High School - Sunday, overflow Saturday

    Select League Team Fee
    * Session 2 $975
    * Session 3 $755