Player Membership Information (U6-U8 do not need to obtain player memberships... these are the small sided field age divisions)

  • A player MEMBERSHIP will now take the place of player cards

  • Referees will be taking attendance at each game, from up-to-date printed rosters, showing valid/in-valid MEMBERSHIPS

  • If you have not purchased an Annual MEMBERSHIP, the referee will not allow you to play until you are eligible

  • Team rosters will also be updated each week and red cards/other comments will be noted along with player eligibility

  • Alternate day of play might be needed depending on the number of teams in a division


Brookfield Sports Complex reserves the right to combine age brackets and alter days of play.

All Players, Coaches, and Spectators are required to wear a mask at all times, including while playing in games. U6 - U8 teams are limited to 2 spectators per player, U9 and above are limited to 1 spectator per player and games will be live-streamed for family members that can not attend games. 

Game Days of Play (teams may have 2 games on one weekend)

  • U6, U7, U8 Recreation - Saturday, Sunday

  • U9/U10, U11/U12, U13/U14 Recreation - Saturday / Sunday

  • Coed High School - Friday / Saturday

  • Boy's High School - Friday / Saturday

  • Girl's High School - Friday / Sunday

  • U11/U12 Boy's Select - Friday / Wednesday

  • U13/U14 Boy's Select - Friday / Thursday

  • U11/U12 Girl's Select - Sunday / Monday

  • U13/U14 Girl's Select - Sunday / Tuesday

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